What is SEO?
What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results.
- Search engine optimization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

When you type "What is SEO" in a search engine, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, web pages that have the keywords "What is SEO" will show up in the search results.

Google Search - SEO example

When your website has SEO enabled content, you increase the chances for your website to show up on a search engine's front page when your focus key phrase is typed into the search engine.

If you want to guarantee that your website will show up on the front page, you can opt for Paid For Advertising. That is when you pay a search engine to show your website on the front page when your keyword is entered in the search.

SEO Basics

A few of the things within your website that count in favour of SEO are:

Words used in your content

The more times you use your key phrase in the content (words) on your website in a natural manner, the better the SEO is for that key phrase. How many times have you seen "What is SEO?" in this article, as an example.

The importance of a good Page title

You need to use correct page titles and try to incorporate your key phrase in the page title. Take a look at our page title. You will see that it says: "What is SEO? - WebworxX". However, the page title is normally set in the code between the html tags <title> What is SEO? - WebworxX </title>. Programs that allow you to create your own websites without any programming knowledge, should have a text box where you can set the page title.

Links to your website

Web pages that have lots of links leading to it look like reliable sources for search engines. That is why getting Social Media shares is a good idea for websites.

There are ways that people try to fool search engines by buying links from other websites, doing link swapping with other businesses etc. This is a dangerous route as each time the search engine algorithm is updated the search engine becomes smarter at sifting out these bogus links and can black-list your website thus damaging your website reputation.

That is why when you buy a pre-existing domain for your business it is a good idea to check that the domain has not been black-listed by Search Engines. It can take a lot of effort to get it off the black list.

Words describing the links you use

Carrying on with links that lead to your website, if the words in the link use your key phrase or key words, it will also increase the search engine results. For example, if you share this page on Facebook, the link title will say "What is SEO? WebworxX explains it all". We are promoting "What is SEO?" and our WebworxX business with the words in the link.

Website Reputation

Search engines care about reputation. If you run a blog on your website and keep increasing the content on your website, it will do better than a website that just sits there doing nothing. In the same way that a musician keeps bringing out new songs.

A website reputation is like a fine wine, the longer a website exists the more likely it is for a search engine to recognize it as a reliable source. That is why it is a bad idea to neglect an old website, as this will damage its reputation.

Can I do SEO myself?

SEO is a difficult science to perfect. While you can optimize your website for search engines by yourself, your website will perform much better when it is optimized by an SEO specialist.

An SEO specialist is somebody who has been optimizing websites for search engines for many years and keeps in mind all the requirements that the search engine needs as well as how those needs change.

This is why we, at WebworxX, suggest that you get a professional to design your website for you. Not only do we do everything we can to improve your SEO, we can also advise you on what content to include in your blog and on your website that will improve your SEO rankings, over time growing your business more and more.

Contact WebworxX today for your own custom designed website and/or blog.

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