Website Design. Whats included?

Whats included in a website made by us

Website Design. Whats included?

All websites created by Webworks Website Design include:

  • Domain registration (, .com and more)
  • Annual hosting plans without monthly fees
  • Custom created website template according to your brand
  • Mobile responsive design
  • WordPress content management system or custom created
  • Banner images for site and social media
  • Server side setup of emails

If needed we also create HTML email signatures with your website and social media links to specification.

In days gone by, a website’s task was rather simple. And for many a starter website meant an image embedded in a html document..

Nowadays a website has got a lot it must do. Not only is it about getting connected to your clients, it is also about how you connect to your clients. Where and when are they online looking for your product or service? Do they prefer to look online on the go via mobile smart phone or are they, “old school” browsing online via desktop? All this with the added pressure of being found on google..

I suppose you now have more questions than at the beginning..
Not to worry, we can help. Our built in suggest feature solution is great for those who prefer a hands on approach to their website. But if self editing your website is not your idea of fun, we can do that for you to help your website shine.

So whether you need an online store with shopping cart, a directory site or simply an informational one, we can help.

We Provide

One-on-one training sessions on how to update your website content

Or we update your content for you, be it products, images or textual content on your

We help setup email on your laptop/mobile phone if hosted with us.