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Logo Design Portfolio

Logo Design Portfolio @ Webworks

Need a logo design? Starting a new business or re-branding your current company image? Webworks gives you exactly that new look for your company. Take a look at some of our previous logo and icon designs here in our Design Collection

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BloemFix is an online portal to get in touch with local Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics & More.

Legends Hockey

Promotional Design

A promotional banner created for the Legends Hockey coaching team. This poster was created to inspire passionate hockey players of all level leagues to join the Legends community. 

Me vs You

Me vs You is a sports enhancement platform designed to compare, challenge and improve against your competition.

Mulberry Inn

Mulberry Inn is a luxurious guesthouse offering spacious rooms, outdoor tranquility and leisure. Each unit with it’s own special theme.

JTA Livestock Weigh

Software Application

Application logo designed for a product of JTA Engineering

Global Finance

Property Loans, Movable Asset Loans and Bridge Loans. Creating this logo included a number of custom icons in the process.


Created for the Chattel estate, this logo is used in both web and sign board print medium.

Pebble Fountain

Application Logo designed for a product by JTA Engineering

Burger Construction & Manufacturing

Burger Construction manufacture a variety of solutions but are best known for their BC Windmill Cylinders 

Zesty Guesthouse

Zesty Guesthouse, Port Edward