Should I have a Blog?

When should I have a blog?
Should I have a blog
Blog (noun) – a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Should I Have a Blog?

Or rather more importantly..

Can a Blog help my business?

Should I have a blog? A good question still relevant today. A blog on a business website is after all a newsletter for your clients. Or serves as a place where you can share detailed information about what your company does or how it goes about it. But, with a more “person to person” feel. From promotions, achievements, outreach, team building, you name it! Share news about your industry, showcase new products and promote specials and events in detail on your blog.

When you successfully run a blog on your business website, you are creating written content for the web. And search engines love written content. The more relevant content you create for your website, the better your search engine reputation. By increasing your search engine reputation you improve the ability for people to find your business on Google.

Not everyone needs a blog..

Connecting to an audience about the daily challenges and overcoming varying obstacles. That’s where it is especially useful to a cause or mission.
For example, Panthera Africa runs a blog. Guided by passion and enthusiasm for the betterment of Africa’s big cats, theirs aims to share a day-to-day experience with their online users. This is a great way of getting people excited about the cause and maybe even getting involved too!

Let’s say your company does not have this kind of passionate obstacle overcoming, falling-in-love with a Bengal tiger kind of nature. Rather, your business passions lie in articulate, well timed and executed tasks like that of a courier company. In this case, focus on your Facebook or Twitter page rather than a blog. You could post things like, “Another package delivered in good time! Randburg, Gauteng”. This way, viewers see your company on the move in the online world while staying true to your main business goals.

So either with a Blog, Social Media or both: 1- Not only do you improve your reputation with search engines. 2- You share relevant information with your audience (your clients). And 3- You create trust with them. All the while, you have a greater chance of converting website visitors into customers.

Webworks Service to you

Webworks Web Design. We create a custom online presence solution for you.  A  blog is often built as a component  of your website, an extension to fixed pages within your website. We’ll set you up with the tools, and give you advice on creating blog articles.
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